LG G5 用塑膠?官方極速回應

作者 | 發布日期 2016 年 04 月 05 日 | 分類 Android 手機 , 手機

LG G5 在 3 月的最後一天開始陸續在各國上市,不少拿到實機的機友迫不及待的進行測試甚至拆解。而一向以「虐機」聞名的 Jerry 在進行拆解時發現 G5 機身上似乎使用了塑膠金屬混合而不是全金屬機身,而就這個問題,LG 官方很快的做出了回應,原文如下:

What you’re seeing there is primer, not a plastic cover. As you know, primer is used to get paint to bond to aluminum, which is what we used for the G5’s body. The aluminum alloy we sourced is known as LM201b (patent pending) and was developed at the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology for use in automobiles and aircraft. LM201b, unlike the aluminum used in other smartphones, is diecast unibody which makes it very sturdy while still maintaining lightweight properties. We figured out a way to integrate the antenna bands into the aluminum seamlessly so you can’t feel the lines and covered the LM201b with primer and paint using a process called microdizing which means that tiny particles of metal are infused in the coating and bonded to the aluminum. I think it’s incorrect to say that a product isn’t all metal if paint is involved. That’s like saying cars and airplanes aren’t metal because they’re also painted. For the record, even metal that’s anodized will scratch off. Our process may be different but it achieved what we were aiming for, which is a smooth, seamless metal finish that’s durable and lightweight. We weren’t interested in doing what has already been done. When did this become a bad thing?

翻譯過來,就是說 LG G5 機身上類似塑膠的其實是底漆(Primer),因為它對於金屬具有極強的吸附能力,這也是為何用在 G5 身上的原因。而 G5 使用的金屬鋁為正在申請專利的 LM201b,是由韓國工業研究所研發用於汽車和飛機的製造,壓鑄一體成型後的機身非常堅固而且輕盈。LG 找到方法將天線無縫融合在鋁製機身上,如果說 G5 這樣不能算作金屬機身的話,那麼經過塗裝的汽車與飛機也不能說是金屬了。我們在 G5 身上實現了平滑無縫的金屬機身,並且保證了堅固耐用和輕量化,這難道是件壞事嗎?

各位機友可以放心購買 G5 了,這機身可是用了在汽車和飛機上的工藝,而不是一般的噴砂處理哦。

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